Blink Charging

With industry-leading equipment and a robust network of public charging stations, Blink continues to develop the charging infrastructure required to meet the growing needs of EV drivers. Blink’s diverse product line-up boasts the most advanced equipment in the industry. We are driving the industry forward through our innovation and passion.


HQ 200 Smart Home Level 2 Charging

Blink introduces a new generation of home charging. The HQ 200’s sleek design, competitive price, and output of up to 50 amps is ideal for an easier, faster, and better home charging experience. The HQ 200 is able to connect to Wi-Fi, and communicates with home smart devices like Alexa, Google Home, or Siri. Accessible through our robust Blink mobile app, the HQ 200 can be controlled from anywhere, allowing you to schedule your charging hours to take full advantage of off-peak electricity rates.


Vision IQ 200 Level 2 EV Charger

The Blink Vision IQ 200 is designed for maximum impact at high-traffic locations, boasting oversized LCD media displays and fast level 2 charging stations.

Attract EV drivers with up to 80 amps of output per charger, and captivate consumers with striking visual LCD screens capable of displaying static and dynamic advertising. The Vision IQ 200 is the perfect point-of-charge advertising solution.

Available Q3 2022!



Intelligent Scalable MQ 200

The MQ 200 is designed for fleets and multiunit locations with a fast 50-amp output and effortless user experience, paired with the Blink Fleet Portal, a robust new management tool for maximum visibility and real-time control. EV charging solutions for large-scale charger deployments.

With a focus on intelligent scalability, the MQ 200 allows for variable output of 12-50 amps, offers 4G and Wi-Fi connections, Smart Grid technology for direct communication to local utilities, and Plug & Charge (ISO 15118) functionality for vehicles with the capability to start charging instantly. With efficiency in mind, the MQ 200 provides local load management for two or more chargers to share power from a single circuit.


Powerful DC Fast Wall 50 kW Charger

Blink’s DC Fast Wall 50kW is designed as the perfect balance between power and flexibility in a compact charging solution. With up to 150 amps of output and only weighing about 220 lbs, the 50 kW allows for charging of two electric vehicles simultaneously and sharing power for an efficient charge. Designed to reduce cost and provide flexibility, with a modular design that can be installed indoors or out.  The DC Wall 50 kW has two CCS charging ports and multiple ways to start a charge, by utilizing the contactless RFID reader or via the Blink Mobile App. Seamless connectivity with the robust Blink Network and with 4G LTE cellular or Wi-Fi connections.

Available Q3 2022!


Fast IQ 200 Level 2 EV Charger

The Blink IQ 200 chargers are the fastest Level 2 AC charging stations available, producing 80 amps of output, providing approximately 65 miles of charge in an hour. Operated on the Blink Network, they can charge any battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.

The IQ 200 is deployable in a myriad of configurations, from wall mount, pole mount, and pedestal mounts. The plug-and-play design of the units allows for easy swap-out of the charger, making maintenance and any repairs a breeze. In addition, the IQ 200 features local load management allowing 2 to 20 chargers to be deployed on a single shared circuit.

Blink Level 3 Chargers Review

50 kW DC Fast Charging Stations

The Blink DCFC 50kW system is ready to serve the electric vehicles of today and tomorrow with a modular, flexible and fast 50kW charging solution. The Blink 50kW DCFC solution boasts a slim design that provides exceptional reliability, smooth operation, and easy maintenance. The fast-charging units utilize-patented liquid cooling technology, have intuitive networking functionality, and are OCCP integrated. The dual-port charging stations feature both North American standards, CHAdeMO and CCS ports, making the units compatible with nearly all North American electric vehicles. The Blink 50kW DC fast chargers operate on the robust Blink Network.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

75kW DC Fast Charging Stations

The Blink DCFC 75kW fast charger is the perfect balance of size and power, compact enough to fit within most parking layouts, yet providing exceptional reliability and power with a low lifetime maintenance costs. The liquid cooling technology offers increased reliability in a variety of conditions, while the modular internal design allows for easy maintenance and seamless scalability. With 2 charging ports, the 75kW DCFC chargers feature both North American standards, CHAdeMO and CCS ports, making the units compatible with nearly all North American electric vehicles. Blink’s 75kW DC fast chargers operate on the robust Blink Network via ethernet or wireless 3G/4G communications.


175kW DC Fast Charging Stations

Perfect for highly trafficked areas, The Blink DCFC 175kW high-powered system is a modular, flexible and fast 175kW DC fast charging solution providing exceptional reliability, easy operation, and low lifetime maintenance in a compact design. Blink’s 175kW DCFC solution operates on the robust Blink Network and offers 3G/4G communication for updates and billing and is OCCP integrated. The dual-port charging stations with both North American standards, CHAdeMO and CCS ports, make the units compatible with nearly all North American electric vehicles. The Blink 175kW DC fast chargers operate on the powerful and robust Blink Network.


HQ 150

Blink makes charging your EV at home a breeze with the reliable, 32 amp, Blink HQ 150 and charge up to 4x faster than a standard AC level 1 charging cord. The HQ 150 features a long, 25-foot cable reaching all sides of your garage and a slim holster to tuck the cable away when not in use. The sleek and compact 240-volt charger is compatible with all EV models, the Blink HQ 150 is one powerful residential charger designed to fit into your daily life.

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